Fix Your Boss Knowledge Path

Are you struggling with your boss? Feeling like you're stuck in a losing situation? It's time to take action and learn how to fix your boss with my Fix Your Boss Knowledge Path.

This resource provides actionable advice on how to change the dynamics of your relationship with your boss. You'll learn how to be courageous and coach your boss to a better place, rather than simply jumping ship.

With the "Fix Your Boss Knowledge Path" you'll have all the tools and information you need to manage up and turn things around. No more feeling stuck or helpless, it's time to take control and make positive change. Don't wait, start down the path to fixing your boss today!

Help! My Boss Has Created a Culture of Firefighting

Extinguish a culture of firefighting to improve morale and productivity.

Firefighting is one of the most destructive habits in business. Fire drills follow the same process in every business. First, someone fires off an email alerting the group to some urgent issue. Next, there is a chain reaction of defensive … Read more

Help Me Fix My Boss – The Absentee Leader

How to Work with an Absentee Leader

An absentee leader is disconnected and avoids meaningful involvement with you and the team. How do you fix a psychologically absent boss, and how can this type of leader hurt your career growth? An absentee leader is one of the … Read more

Help Me Fix My Boss – My Manager Plays Favorites

How to Work with a Boss That Plays Favorites

You’re familiar with the story. You see your boss and a co-worker continually hanging out in his office, in conference rooms, and maybe frequently lunching together. Your boss excludes you from secret meetings and brainstorming sessions. Your attempts to join … Read more

Narcissistic Boss? Signs, Complaints and How to Deal

When your boss is a narcissist - signs, complaints and how to deal with the abuse at work.

It’s an unforgettable experience, working with a narcissistic boss. They occupy nearly every corner of an organization from entry-level supervisors up to the owner/CEO. Narcissists seek positions over others in order to feel better about themselves, while unconsciously feeling helpless and … Read more