Personal Branding Knowledge Path

Are you looking to take your professional brand to the next level? Then explore my Personal Branding Knowledge Path! This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about personal branding, from crafting your professional narrative to representing yourself in the best possible light.

My personal branding knowledge path is a vast resource to help you create a professional narrative that really packs a punch. From the basics of personal branding to more advanced topics like building a strong personal brand online and using social media to your advantage, you'll have all the tools you need to build a strong

What Are People Saying About You?

Reputation Management - What Are People Saying About You

Are you actively managing your reputation? Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets, and yet people can be careless in managing it. Your reputation is always present, even when you are absent. The pace at which our world … Read more

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Personal Branding

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Personal Branding

Having a social media marketing strategy for personal branding is essential in helping you spread your message and demonstrate your capabilities and thought leadership. Personal branding helps differentiate yourself. It is what you represent and gives the world an idea … Read more

Must Have Elements for Your Personal Website

Include These Elements on Your Personal Website

After reading my first article, Why You Need a Personal Website, I’m sure you are convinced you need to create one to further your personal brand. This article provides the must-haves that you should include on your personal website. There is a statistic that floats … Read more

Why You Need a Personal Website

Why You Need a Personal Website

I do a lot of interviewing and the first thing I do when HR gives me a resume is Google the person. I am looking to see what is associated with their name and also as an easy way to … Read more

Leadership and Personal Branding

Why Personal Branding Matters in Leadership

Developing and maintaining your personal leadership brand acts as a catalyst for your career advancement. Your personal brand is the sum of the values you stand for. These are the skills and talents that you consistently deliver and the experience … Read more

6 Professional Social Media Picture Rules

There are too many people who don’t spend enough time on their social media picture. The picture is usually above the fold which means it is the first thing people look at and within milliseconds what they use to make … Read more

The Worst Mistake Made in Personal Branding

The Worst Mistake in Personal Branding

There are many elements that go into building your personal brand. Being active on social networks, participating in LinkedIn discussions, attending in-person networking events and maybe even having a blog. Yet your name hasn’t become synonymous with the greatness you envisioned. … Read more