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How to Work With a Negative Boss

Eight tips to help you work with a negative boss.

It’s tough to work with a negative boss who always complains, but it’s even worse when that boss constantly puts down other employees. Having a negative boss can be frustrating, especially if you’re the target of their complaints. However, if … Read more

How to Say No to the CEO (and Why You Should)

Tips to successfully say no to the CEO.

It can be challenging to stand up to someone in a position of authority, especially when that person is your boss. But there are times when it’s necessary to do just that. After all, you were hired for your expertise … Read more

How to De-Escalate Conflict With Your Boss

Conflict With Your Boss - How to De-escalate and Manage

Conflict is a natural and unavoidable part of life. However, it can be incredibly challenging when conflict arises in our professional lives. Emotionally charged conflicts with our bosses can be especially difficult to manage. This blog post will discuss four … Read more

23 Smart One-On-One Questions to Ask Your Manager

One-On-One Questions to Ask Your Manager

If you want to succeed in your career, one-on-one meetings with your manager are necessary. These meetings allow you to discuss your progress, ask questions, and get feedback. To make one-to-one meetings productive, come prepared with questions and have an … Read more

So Your Manager Is Quietly Quitting

Your Manager is Quietly Quitting - Here's what to do

If you’ve noticed your manager has been quiet lately, and they’ve stopped coming into the office or participating in meetings, there’s a chance they’re quietly quitting. This can be an advantage for your career or harm it. This blog post … Read more