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Are you looking for advice and guidance on how to navigate workplace challenges? Jason Cortel shares his advice, thoughts, and insights on some of the most pressing issues people face while at work. He’ll do a deep dive into career questions to help you solve a problem or learn a skill. While you’re the expert in your own experience, sometimes it can be critical to get an outside perspective to help push through a problem you’re dealing with.

Whether it is your boss, your coworkers, or yourself, submit your question, and I’ll provide free, personal, and empathetic guidance.


How do you get along with pesky coworkers?

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How can you help your team be their best?

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Work doesn’t have to be frustrating.

I’m here to help you navigate workplace dilemmas. Let’s explore solutions to your most challenging issues at work. There is a better way forward.

With over 20 years of experience in hospitality, technology, and operations, you’ll get tools to help you reflect on where you can change how you’re approaching a situation, tips on recognizing toxic cultures and bosses, and behaviors that you should run away from. It will be like getting good advice from your favorite uncle over coffee, giving you different perspectives and suggestions to develop a way forward. In addition, get tips on how to take control over your own development.

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