Workforce Management Knowledge Path

Would you like to have a workforce that is perfectly aligned with your business goals? Do you worry about compliance risk or the impact of your workforce on customer experience? My Workforce Management Knowledge Path can help.

My WFM Knowledge Path will help you build a world-class workforce management department from scratch, or take your existing team to the next level. With my expert advice and resources, you'll be able to deploy your workforce with greater control and help your organization achieve its strategic initiatives.

The 10 Most Common Workforce Management Metrics

Workforce Management Metrics to Track for Success

As a business owner, you know that workforce management is essential to your success. But do you know which workforce management metrics to track? Without the proper metrics, it can be challenging to measure the performance of your workforce and identify areas for improvement. This … Read more

How to Create an Effective Workforce Management Strategy

Workforce Management Strategy and How to Create One

Creating a workforce management strategy can seem daunting. However, it is crucial for any business looking to be productive and competitive in today’s marketplace. A good workforce management strategy focuses on all the activities needed to manage and sustain a productive, cost-effective, and happy workforce. … Read more

Business Continuity Plan (BCP): What You Need to Know

Business Continuity Plan - Why you need one and how to implement.

The business world is changing, and the need for a business continuity plan has never been greater. With COVID, increased competition, globalization, and advancements in technology, it’s crucial to have a strategy that will allow your company to be as productive as possible when you … Read more

9 Ways Workforce Management Improves EX and CX

Improve employee experience by leveraging Workforce Management

An employee will never treat a customer better than you treat the employee. Organizations constantly focus on improving the customer experience. But, unfortunately, they neglect employee experience in the process. The pandemic has changed how employees view their job. It has caused their priorities to … Read more

Workforce Management Strategy for Operational Excellence

What to include in a workforce management strategy that delivers operational excellence.

Organizations rarely experience a “normal day” because no two clients are alike, and each staff member is unique. In addition, unexpected events such as pandemics, power outages, fires, protests, and the great resignation challenge businesses to deliver results while protecting and growing staff. Therefore, organizations … Read more