Inclusion starts with you.

It’s up to each individual to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of background or differences.

your biases and assumptions

Your language

Create an inclusive environment

Encourage open communication

Promote diversity and inclusion

Lead by example

To create a culture of inclusion, leaders must foster an inclusive environment in which employees feel comfortable and respected. Leaders can do this by implementing diverse and inclusive workplace practices, which promote the idea that everyone is valued and has something to contribute.

Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Path


Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organization


Create a culture where everyone feels comfortable contributing.


Be an inclusive leader by setting the tone for your organization.

Employee Resource Groups: A Guide for Getting Started

Employee Resource Groups: A Guide to Get Started

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How to Instill a Sense of Belonging in the Workplace

How to build a sense of belonging in the workplace.

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How Do You Create Inclusive Workplace Practices?

Creating Inclusive Workplace Practices

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Inclusion Starts When Leaders Support LGBTQ+ Employees

Leaders Need to Support LGBTQ+ Employees

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Inclusive Leadership Traits and It’s Impact on Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive leadership is vital for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Inclusive leadership is a critical capability to leverage within all levels of management. It helps diversity and inclusion initiatives be more successful because they can actively guide others and vigorously challenge the status quo. Today’s workforce is increasingly operating in diverse markets, with diverse customers and diverse talent, which requires a more inclusive leadership style.

The Seven Signs of Age Discrimination at Work

Help! My Younger Employee Keeps Talking About My Age

Just because your company is forward-looking or actively pursuing diversity and inclusion doesn’t mean age discrimination isn’t prevalent. Conversely, just because something feels like ageism doesn’t make it so. Here are examples of what age discrimination might look like.