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The Manager’s Playbook: How to Reduce Workplace Drama

Elevate your management skills with our expert insights on reducing workplace drama. Find out how fostering a positive culture can lead to improved team performance and success.

Workplace drama can be a silent plague in any organization, sapping energy, undermining collaboration, and hindering overall performance. As a leadership coach, I’ve seen firsthand how office drama can erode a team’s culture, decreasing morale, productivity, and success. In this … Read more

10 Tips for Successfully Managing Hybrid and Remote Teams

Discover the art of managing hybrid and remote teams effectively in this comprehensive guide. 10 critical strategies to lead successfully in today's dynamic work environment.

Managing remote and hybrid teams has become a critical skill for successful leadership in the evolving landscape of the modern workplace. This article delves into the nuances of managing in a hybrid or remote environment, highlighting the differences from traditional … Read more

Feedback Mastery: How Managers Ask for Team Criticism

Step up your management game by learning how to respond constructively to negative team feedback.

As a front-line or middle manager, you play a pivotal role in shaping your team’s dynamics and overall performance. However, a common and critical oversight in many management practices is the neglect or avoidance of feedback from team members. This … Read more

The Power of Encouraging Employees to Complain

Gain insights into transforming employee complaints from a challenge into an asset. Understand the importance of trust and open communication in transforming employees complaining into opportunities for improvement and innovation.

In most management teams, the concept of ‘complaining’ often carries a negative connotation. However, allowing employees to express their complaints can be a healthy and productive practice when approached correctly. This article explores the importance of healthy complaining in the … Read more

8 Common Mistakes New Managers Make and How to Fix Them

New managers often struggle with these 8 mistakes – find out how to overcome them and excel in your role.

Becoming a manager is a significant milestone in any professional’s career. It’s a testament to your skills, dedication, and expertise, but it’s also a challenging transition. Unfortunately, many new managers find themselves in this role without the proper training or … Read more

New Manager Transition: From Peer to Leader

Promoted to a new manager? Navigate the intricate dynamics of managing former peers. Learn how to build trust, set boundaries, and lead with authenticity.

Becoming a new manager is an exciting milestone in one’s career. But with this promotion comes the challenging transition of leading those who were once your peers. Here’s a guide to ensure a smooth transition and bolster your success as … Read more

The Power of Authenticity for Managers

Step into the world of authentic management. Discover the profound impact managers have on team dynamics, communication, and adaptability, and learn to lead with authenticity.

In today’s dynamic work environment, the characteristics that make a manager truly effective are shifting. Beyond traditional traits like strategic planning and financial acumen, an increasingly acknowledged soft skill stands out: authenticity. In its simplest form, authenticity refers to being … Read more

Understanding Change Management: A Guide for Managers

An essential guide for managers on the four stages of change management. Learn how employees move from mere awareness to active commitment and how managers can facilitate this journey of change.

New managers face many challenges, and one of the most nuanced is navigating the intricate realm of change management. The change isn’t merely about shifting operations, methodologies, or strategies—it’s fundamentally about people. Let’s delve into the human side of change … Read more