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The Power of The Grapevine

How to Listen to the Office Grapevine

Some leaders manage by the grapevine thinking that it is gospel. Some leaders ignore the grapevine at all costs thinking that it is some sort of evil forbidden fruit. I think the grapevine falls somewhere in the middle of the … Read more

4 Questions to Determine a Hiring Mistake

You Hired Them Now What? 4 Questions to Determine Hiring Success

No one sets out to make a hiring mistake. We are easily enchanted by people who can talk a good game. This is especially true when looking to fill a sales leadership role. After all, salespeople have mastered the art … Read more

Tend to Your Talent Garden

Tending to Your Talent Garden Builds a Dream Team

This is the first week of the second half of the year. Like most others in management you are probably approaching your mid-year reviews. I’m sure you are thinking that you just got last year’s annual reviews done. The year … Read more

Choosing and Rewarding the Right People

Choosing and Rewarding the Right People - Fairness, favoritism and the Removal of Guilt.

Fairness, favoritism and the removal of guilt. There is a taboo subject floating around the workplace, that of favoritism. I spent a great deal of my career working hard to ensure everyone was, or felt they were, treated the same. … Read more

Once in a Lifetime Talent

Creating Once in a Lifetime Talent

Once in a lifetime talent can take your business to the next level. You have to be able to recognize these individuals in order to truly capitalize on their contributions. We all desire a workplace where everyone is equal but … Read more